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Mass vaccination at Twickenham Stadium tomorrow

On Bank Holiday Monday, Twickenham Rugby Stadium will be turned into the biggest vaccination venue so far in North West London, covering residents of Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow, Kensington & Chelsea and WestminsterUp to 15,000 vaccinations ready to be administered on the day both appointments and walk ins availableThis vaccination event, Let’s Tackle Covid, will give eligible residents (age 30+) the opportunity to have their first dose of the vaccination without delay. This is in response to an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus in the areaThe event will take place from 10am to 8pm on Monday 31 May at Twickenham StadiumAccording to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital who are organising the event the Pfizer vaccine will be used. For first dose only. It will take place in the open air but under coverIf you have one, remember to bring your NHS number with you. This makes registration faster if you have itSome car parking spaces are available at Rosebine Car Park (entry via A316/Chertsey Road).Disabled parking bays and pickup/drop-off points are located at Twickenham Stadium (entry via Rugby Road)Register for an appointment here: full story:

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Ealing Labour group imploding?

I’ve heard that a Labour Councillor, Lewis Cox, Hobbayne, resigned last night & his resignation statement doesnt make good reading, this was from another page: It’s now just over three years since I was elected a Labour councillor by the residents of Hobbayne ward. I remember that election night well. It was a huge moment of personal pride for me that the people of the community where I live would put their trust in me to look after their interests. It was also a surprise. There’s still a very real sense that people like me don’t get elected as councillors – that they don’t get elected to very much, really. But back in 2017, when I was first selected as a candidate, there was a real sense of change in the Labour Party. A sense of hope. It became possible to believe that a working-class lad from Yorkshire, working shifts as cabin crew for an airline at Heathrow might not only be able to get elected but might have a voice and something to add within the Ealing Labour Group and Council, which would make a difference and help improve people’s lives.Of course, it wasn’t all plain sailing. The establishment of the Labour Party locally (people who were leaders then and are leaders now) threw every possible obstacle they could find in the way to prevent me – and members like me – from becoming candidates, let alone councillors. I will admit, it made my victory twice as sweet when I managed to dodge those obstacles and, despite not being wanted, getting myself elected as a Labour councillor in Ealing.The only benefit to that, as far as I can tell was that it allowed me to join Labour Group with eyes wide open – to know that I’d be met with disinterest, if not open hostility, and that I’d be forever consigned to the back benches, at least until the time that I promised my vote to a candidate for Labour Group leader who did not deserve it. For ours is not a system of meritocracy, where the most qualified or most experienced are put in the Cabinet or gifted roles with responsibility-so that we might best serve the interests of residents. No – it was when I joined, and remains tonight, a system very much based on patronage, back-room deals and cronyism.I’m afraid that has very much been my experience of these past three years. Nonetheless, for much of it I have got my head down and done the work required of a ward councillor – looking after the needs of Hobbayne residents. I have tried, when I can, to challenge decisions I think are wrong and to hold the Labour Group leadership and its appointees to account. I have hoped for a time when the situation might change, when we could have a fresh leadership and be better – and do better- than we have for years. Ealing Labour is increasingly a toxic brand. Something had to change. However, not all change is good. That is a realisation that I have come to. And one which I fear the residents of Ealing are about to realise.A week ago, at Labour Group AGM, I was faced with a choice that was really no choice at all. To vote as our leader a person that had done untold damage to the reputation of Ealing Labour for year after year, or to vote for his apprentice – effectively for a person who was no less implicated in many of the bad decisions that have turned residents against us and, worse still, who played a key role in widening the divisions in the Labour Party for factional ends. Members will understand why, in the end, I voted for neither.I’ve spent a lot of time thinking this past week – about my decision but also about the outcome of that vote and what it will mean for Ealing Labour and Ealing Council – none of it good. I’ve reflected too on the bitter disappointment I feel with regard to my fellow councillors – those who didn’t take a principled stand, look at what we were being offered as a choice for Labour Group leader, and see and say ‘No, it’s simply not good enough’. Instead, I see many of those councillors tonight getting rewarded with positions and special responsibility allowances having gifted their vote. Different faces, for sure, but the same old cynical and self-serving practices as before.The easy option for me now, of course, would be to spend the next 12 months sitting quietly on the back benches while continuing to claim my councillors allowance - but for those of you who know me, know that sitting quietly isn’t one of my strengths. I also think it’s about time that one of us was honest with the people we were elected to represent. By continuing to serve under Cllr Mason- I would effectively be endorsing him and his toxic brand of politics and that is not something I am willing to do - so tonight I am informing you that I no longer feel able to serve as a Ealing Labour councillor and will be resigning as a councillor with immediate effect.I don’t regret the decision I am making, but I do regret the causes of it – that when we were presented with the opportunity to pick a new and better leader for Ealing Labour, to improve our performance and our electoral prospects, that we were unable as individuals or as a group to replace the bad with anything better.--ends--

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Urgent Rethink Needed onEaling's Neighbourhood Recycling Bins To Be Removed

Big story that will sort out the pseuds among the local councilors. I think it does not come out much more hyper local than this and our green councillors should be jumping up and down to protect their local ahre of the recycling bins in their wards. No action to save them should be seem to translate into no vote in ward elections.Rather than eradicating these bins due to perceived deficiencies in dumping perhpas a consultation period with an independent consultancy to see how the recycling could be got to work.The first of the problems is that of litter bins. Take the Maytrees Rest Garden in South Ealing opposite the tube station, the bins were ALL taken away with the rational (much supported, and endorsed by Philippa Bond) of providing mixed use single bin recycling units which she advocated for the litter instead. Sadly, the point she missed was that most of what the litter bins in the parked received would get you a fine as the recycling bins only deal with specific categories of recyclable waste. So while the cardboard of a Costa Cup is recyclable, the lid is not IN EALING as it is not the right sort of plastic. The same with other LDPE plastic like plastic bags, food wrappers, and even ice lolly sticks. This results in polluted recycling which costs extra to sort and where the lollipop stick is dumping and a fineable offence. Ealing does not recycle LDPE plastic, hard plastic like PVC, polystyrene, plastic bags, and anything black and made out of plastic because the sorting machines cannot identify black plastic objects and process them.The answer to me seems to be to put more bins out there in bigger groups, however, with greater focus , e.g. carpet, mattresses, metal, wood, glass, cardbard, LDPE, HDPE, hard plastic, paper, electricals, engine oil, cooking oil, clothes, shoes and the like. Have something that produces some practical results and also deploy litter bins in parks like the Maytrees Rest Garden - the litter has to go SOMEWHERE after all!

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Gunnersbury Park Bowls Club and the Sports Hub

We are delighted to see that the Sports Hub is now open. The Bowls Club wishes every success for this enterprise.For the Bowls Club, the photograph in the article is particularly poignant in that it features the bowls pavilion and bowls green. The statements from officers of LB Hounslow and LB Ealing talk of delivering "important community, sports and leisure facilities for residents in the local area" and a vision for Gunnersbury Park "where local people can enjoy sport, beautiful green spaces and a rich local history long into the future.."Meanwhile, bowling in Gunnersbury Park is facing extinction after a history of 90 years. The Community Interest Company is bent on ensuring this fate through a policy of intentional neglect.Members and supporters of the Bowls Club have repeatedly been refused access to the site to carry out extremely urgent maintenance to the green. We learned yesterday that an expert and fully accredited third party has also been refused access by the CIC. This party had very kindly offered to carry out maintenance on behalf of the Bowls Club.The planning application from Putt in the Park has yet to be determined by Hounslow Planning Committee. We believe that by the time this decision is made, whether it is to refuse or to permit, the bowls green will be beyond repair.You may, as does the Bowls Club, wonder how it has been possible to arrive at this situation in what is, after all, a public park which was conceived to be for the benefit of the entire community.

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My Heroes Seema Misra and Jo Hamilton

Readers may be able to help. The ladies above were caught-up in the Sub-postmasters scandal in which the accounting computer system and the management failed. This caused Seema to be imprisoned and Jo to have to choose by pleading guilty to false accounting in order to escape the more serious charge of theft. There had been redacting and shredding of data to hide the innocence of these ladies. Those who had done this should go to prison. Why were the police not immediately involved? The possible charge was theft after all and so the police could have taken individuals in the post office management for interfering with the evidence. The police are the gatekeepers of part of the legal system and appear reluctant to become involved in rip-offs by authority. Something similar happened in Ealing when some motorists were not electronically reminded that their CPZ resident parking permit was due for renewal. Some residents were reimbursed but how many were not? And now we have the council charging otherwise law abiding motorists for passing through very unusual LTN barriers. The LBE officers who I spoke to last week at the Culmington Road barrier said that all the signage was in order under the signage legislation (when it wasn't) and I said the message wasn't getting through evidenced by the enormous numbers of motorists being charged. The evidence told the story and one of the officers flounced off. End of meeting. This fraudulent abuse of power and entrapment must stop. The police have to act as it brings all authority into disrepute. Gatekeepers in the police heirarcy and there are many are rejecting this in that it has nothing to do with them. That's not right.

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Gunnersbury Park Bowls Club - Petition

The Gunnersbury Park Community Interest Company has refused to grant access by the Bowls Club to the bowls green to carry out urgent maintenance work.Some readers may wish to sign this petition: request is that all councillors, whether members of the Planning Committee or not, should seek to use their good offices to persuade the CIC to allow the Bowls Club access to the bowls green.Gunnersbury Estate (2026) Community Interest Company (the CIC) is responsible for the management of Gunnersbury Park on behalf of the joint owners, the London Boroughs of Hounslow and Ealing.In April 2020 a planning application was refused for the conversion of the bowls clubhouse to a cafe/restaurant. In January 2021, a decision on a further, almost identical, planning application was deferred by Hounslow Planning Committee. This proposal would lead to the re-purposing of the bowls green as a mini-golf facility which would mean the end of bowls in Gunnersbury Park after 90 years.In deferring their decision, the Planning Committee wished to have more time to consider all of the relevant facts, including the consideration of alternative sites for the mini-golf facility.The Bowls Club and volunteers from the wider community have been refused access by the CIC to carry out urgent maintenance work. Without this work the bowls green will rapidly deteriorate to a condition beyond repair and this will mean that the Planning Committee will be faced with a situation where bowls is no longer a viable use for the site of the bowls green.The Bowls Club is not opposed to the establishment of a mini-golf facility in the Park. Indeed, it supports the principle of this important source of revenue for the CIC but not at the expense of the bowls green and the Bowls Club itself.

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Misleading information provided by energy switching company Look After My Bills to the public has been addressed by the Advertising Standards Authority. Below is a post shared by Nick Blagg, a member of:                                                                                                                                                                        "Look After My Bills Problem Reporting Page."                                                                                                                                                     Nick Blagg shared a link.The complaint made to the advertising standards agency against LAMB has been upheld !! It feels like a partial victory to me based on what the ruling is (see below) but it’s still a win and the more of us that continue to complain the more pressure is applied.  Keep it up guys. 👍🏻Dear Mr Blagg,Thank you for your continued patience.  Further to the below, we received another complaint which raised issues similar to those highlighted in your complaint.  Based on the information you and the other complainant provided, we considered that advertising content from Look After My Bills was likely to break the advertising rules we apply.  Therefore, we contacted the advertiser to ask for their assurance that future ads do not misleadingly imply that users of the service will have access to every single energy company and every single energy deal on the market.  They have provided this assurance.This now resolves your complaint, and the case will be closed.  Basic information including the advertiser’s name and where the ad appeared will be published on you for bringing this matter to our attention.Kind regards,JamesJames JonesComplaints ExecutiveDirect Line 020 7492 2214Please note, I do not work on FridaysAdvertising Standards AuthorityCastle House, 37-45 Paul StreetLondon EC2A 4LSTelephone 020 7492 2222

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Gas and electric suppliers.

ENERGY SUPPLIERS.Because I haven't got a head for figures I have stuck with SSE Swalek for 47 years. But owing to Look After My Bills without my permission signing me up to Utility Point in October 2021, I have had the opportunity to try and figure out which energy provider gives the best deal. I have learned that using switching companies provides the worst deals and leave behind a trail of stress. For instance Look  After My Bills and Utility Point for 4 months have both blamed each other and both have launched an investigation into the mess they have dropped me in. And the situation has not been resolved with 2 BBC consumer programmes investigating hundreds if not thousands of complaints against these 2 companies.My energy provider for 47 years, SSE had suggested that I start off with them as a new customer and on 12-1-21 a contract was agreed with a customer service agent emailing me the following details."Good day Mr Milkins,This is to confirm the effective start date with Swalec-SSE is the 29 January 2021 to take over the gas and electricity supply.This means that you will only be charged from the date mentioned above going forward. All other charges will be applied by your current supplier until the date your supply starts with Swalec-SSE.Thank you.Regards,Yolanda."Hooray. Then I get the following  email from Jolene from SSE on 20-1-20."I understand that you have been sent an email regarding the dates the supply has come back to us and you were advised that you would not have a bill until SSE started [29-1-21], feedback is being provided to that adviser so this incorrect information is not given in the future, for this I can offer a goodwill payment of £30.00 for incorrect information given. SSE can keep their £30 !!!!!!!!!!I have now learned how easy it is to find the cheapest deal for gas and electric. Find a company offering a 2 year fixed tariff which I have done. To date, the best deal offers a 2 year fixed tariff.                                 For gas, the daily standing charge is 27 pence per day. The charge for gas is 2.952 pence per kw hour.For electric, the standing charge is 24.02 pence per day. The charge for electric is 17.42 per kw hour.These prices are considerably cheaper than my former supplier. If anyone can direct me to a better deal, please let me know as haven't signed up to EDF yet.

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Shameful Gunnersbury Park CIC

Surely Ealing and Hounslow Councils need to call an enquiry into just how Gunnersbury Park is being run.Clearly, it is far from interested in being a community organisation but obsessed with their own agenda and rather deluded.The way in which the Bowls club, a long established club accessible for all, at costs that local people can afford, self financing, run and maintained fully by members for the past 25 years as a result of the complete failure of Ealing and Hounslow to maintain this parks facilities for near 50 years is nasty, ageist and wholly conceited.The silence from Ealing Councillors is yet again, underlining how ageist and removed they are from local community.  Hounslow councillors fare little better but at least have become aware that something fishy is going on with this Organisation.Far too many cosy arrangements to be healthy.I understand that somehow, this Organisation is exempt from any form of open access from Freedom of Information to public accountability. And yet they are funded by grants, awards and ultimately source from taxpayers and public money. None of which has found it's way to the Bowls club or other basic aspects of this park.  But above average salaries for those within the CiC and it's associates remain.Truly appalling. Local people, whether they be interested in Bowls or not, or how a public park with public amenities is being turned into a commercialised profit centre at the expense of basic amenities affordable and accessible for all ought to be asking their elected representatives to ask questions.Bowls is a multicultural genteel sport played all over the world. It is reviving and can be played from a young age right through to old age. Not many Sports than can accommodate that.When it's gone it's gone. A proper sports facility, a public amenity replaced by a Fast food outlet and a sideshow crazy golf. That's not a sport or a public amenity. It is a profit business.Did this not happen with Walpole Park and a Coffee Hut? That was another case of bullying and closed door dealing. And it went wrong. Very Wrong.Especially now that we are being told by authorities to walk, cycle and stay local.

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Look After My Bills Nightmare.

This is a post from today (Monday 8 February) put on the Facebook page, Look After My Bills Problem Reporting Page by B**** Orm***"After initially being attracted by the promise of finding consumers the best market deal and starting the registration process, I read some worrying reviews and immediately cancelled - told LAMB that I had changed my mind and did not want them to look after my bills. Subsequently I continued to receive emails saying I had been transferred, causing me grief and frustration. I again informed them that I did not want LAMB to look after my bills and also emailed my current supplier to tell them I did not want LAMB to transfer me and that I wished to remain with Coop Energy. LAMB continued to email me about my transfer. What a nightmare! Fortunately Coop Energy stepped in on my behalf. This was quite some time ago and I continued to receive email from them but I have blocked them. Neil I wish you luck. Once they get their claws in you they fill your life with worry and anxiety. Relentless!"                                                                                                                                                                     For some reason, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis on Saturday 6 February urged energy users to use switching companies such as Look After My Bills to try to get cheaper energy.                               All I can say is, before you consider doing this look at the Facebook groups page Look after My Bills Problem Reporting Page and Trustpilot, Look After My Bills reviews before making a decision you may regret for months to come.

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More ANPR cameras to be installed LTN 30 is a problem

Thank you Ealingtoday for reporting this. I am not a road traffic professional but I worked in the safety industry and carried a Home Office warrant for some time and took courses at university in the psychology of perception. I've held a clean licence for 55years.I would strongly recommend the council review this ANPR camera at least before rushing to put in more. 1)There are 4 routes to the barrier in Culmington Road yet only one speed camera warning sign. That one is positioned after the camera at the barrier. In normal life warnings are given BEFORE the danger i.e. before the camera that allows the message to sink-in and appropriate action be taken.  The camera sign is often linked to speed cameras and many motorists probably check their speedometer when they see one; a dangerous detraction. 2)There are warning signs "No access to Culmington Road ahead except cycles". For strangers that means nothing. One sign is even sited IN Culmington Road. Strangers won't know what it means and even the Council have made 3 road name mistakes in public notices. These are "unique signs" and have to be interpreted by the motorist. Standard signs showing road closed ahead would have been cheaper and carried more information at a glance. Motorists absorb standard signs without thinking; subliminally. There should have been standard signs on each of the 4 limbs approaching this junction. To be continued

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Ealing's reliance on parking fine income betrays Labour party principles

Probably not a surprise that Ealing is one of the highest issuer of parking fines in the country according to a report on currently on this site. Judging by a ticket place on a car parked near my home, enforcement continues unabated despite the supposed lockdown.It is no longer worth pretending these fines don't act as a local tax with the revenue being used to cover the shortfall in Council Tax and government grant funding.PCNs are not adjusted for income so you get the same for parking in the wrong place at the wrong time if you have a Fiat Uno or a Ferrari. It will be argued that as the very poorest in society don't tend to own cars then as a tax this is a reasonably point. However, people who need to use cars for their work will tend to be on below or around average income with a large proportion of fines going to those in the building trade, carers, minicab or delivery drivers.Better off drivers probably make up the bulk of people who successfully appear these fines.Some will say that it is a voluntary tax and if you can't afford to pay it obey the rules. Our family have received two parking fines over the last decade in Ealing - in both cases we had thought we had parked correctly in areas we were familiar with but the signs were misleading. Appeals were dismissed out of hand and no attempt was made to improve the signage. Very few people parking in Ealing will do so on the basis they hope to get away with it because by now most are aware how intensive enforcement is so most fines are issued to people who have made a genuine mistake.This effectively means that the parking fines operate as a highly regressive tax something that is directly opposed to the founding principles of the Labour party. Yet it seems to be Labour authorities, like Ealing that use this most as a method of raising finance. I appreciate that this is a challenging time for council finances but the over dependence of this borough on this form of income is not healthy or fair on residents.

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FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS.For some people it is not bearable to think about, or to plan for their own funeral or for that of their spouse. However in these uncertain times I believe it is a responsible thing to do to take some of the pressure and grief off family members by not leaving things to late. Myself and my wife have taken steps to leave very little for our family members to worry about regarding these arrangementsWe have taken steps to arrange Pure Cremation funerals which was catapulted into the news a few years ago by singer David Bowie. For instance, if I die first, my wife will contact a funeral director in Hampshire. They will take care of all the arrangements needed. I would be collected from my home or from anywhere else and taken to Hampshire to to the funeral director's own private crematorium for disposal. No flowers, no family present and no funeral service. Arrangements have already been made for a memorial service shortly after my death.The benefits of doing things this way is that the cost to my wife and family is minimal. If I die at home the cost of the complete funeral arrangement is £1195.00 or £1.445 if I die in hospital or nursing home. The average cost of a cremation funeral in the UK is £3,986, sometimes thousands more.Being a very competitive business I am sure that some funeral directors would charge less than £1195.00.Nobody wants to die, but time and unforeseen events befall us all. In the mean time wash your hands and socially distance.

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Government says public should have right to ask councils to release land for redevelopment.

The government has published for consultation proposals that would enable the public to challenge councils and other public bodies to release underused land for redevelopment.The ‘right to regenerate’ proposals mean that underused public land could be sold to individuals or communities by default – unless there is a “compelling reason” for the owner to keep itPublic bodies would need to demonstrate clear plans for the land in the near future – even if it is a temporary use before later development. If it were kept for long without being used, it would have to be sold.The rights would also apply to unused publicly owned social housing and garages. The government notes that the latest figures show there were more than 25,000 vacant council-owned homes and recent Freedom of Information data shows there were more 100,000 empty council-owned garages last year.The government says it wishes to provide local communities with an opportunity to “transform eyesores” into something they want in their area. It builds on government work to encourage development on brownfield land.Jenrick said: “Right to regenerate is the simple way to turn public land into public good, with land sold by default unless there is a very compelling reason not to do so.“We are cutting through red tape so that communities can make better use of available land and derelict buildings, which means more new homes, businesses and community assets.“Millions of people will now be able to buy that empty property, unused garage or parcel of land and turn it into something good for them and their community.”Tom Chance, chief executive of the National Community Land Trust Network, welcomed the idea.“There are hundreds of community land trusts across the country wanting to build much-needed affordable housing, but getting hold of land at an affordable price is a huge barrier.“The potential for communities to be given first right of refusal could be a game changer. We encourage everyone to read through the proposals and respond to the consultation.”Ian Harvey, executive director of Civic Voice, added: “Across the country, communities see land that remains empty and wonder why. They imagine how it could be used for communities – from green space, to housing – but when they enquire about enhancing the space it’s never clear who owns it.“If a community has a viable use for this land, they must be given the opportunity to take these ideas forward.“The ‘right to regenerate’ is a great step forward to build on previous attempts at doing this and we believe it will increase the chance for communities to come together to bring vacant land into the heart of the community. We look forward to working with communities on this latest community right.”The consultation, which closes on 13 March, can be found here on the UK Government website.18 January 2021Laura Edgar, The Planner

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Look After My Bills Nightmare.

To save people the agony of having to deal with a future nightmare  with Look After My Bills and Utility Point please read their horrendous reviews on Trustpilot.                                  This is an email I received from Trustpilot this week.                                                People are reading your review!Hi Neil Milkins,You recently wrote a review on Trustpilot and it looks like people find it helpful.117 people have already read your review.                                                                                                       LOOK AFTER MY BILLS SHAMBLES.It is now 12 weeks since Look After My Bills without my knowledge or permission changed my energy provider from S.S.E. to Utility Point. Jacqueline Loughman promised me 9 weeks ago that they would resolve the matter within 14 days. A week ago their senior complaints manager Daniel promised me he would phone me on (29-12-20) and have the matter resolved. No phone call and no answer to my emails to him. In the meantime I am going to have a sky high electric and gas bill when this matter is resolved. It is near impossible to get a reply from them once you have emailed and phoned them and it is totally impossible to phone Utility Point as ALL their phone lines have been cut off. I have been on the phone and emailing 19 hours in total trying to sort this mess out. Anyone thinking of going with Look After My Bills or Utility Point please check their horrendous reviews on Trustpilot.

Neil Milkins ● 257d14 Comments ● 246d

Renaming Havelock Road Council corruption

Renaming Havelock Road may be a trivial issue. The way it was achieved is an illustration of how Ealing Council at its highest level goes about its business: dishonestly. The decision to rename the road Havelock Road was made by “two pillars of the community”, Julian Bell, Council Leader, and Paul Najserak, CEO.   Bell suggested the idea (10.6.20.)  Why?  He doesn’t live on the road or in Southall.   ANSWER:  he depends on Southall councillors for support and is in the pay of the local MP.    Self-interest. On 14.7.20 the matter appeared on the agenda of the Cabinet, never having been discussed by them before.  The Cabinet had it all done and dusted there and then.   They decided a council officer could make the decision. Democracy?  No. Decisions should be made by our elected representatives, not by council employees.  Paul Najserak made the decision.  Between Bell making the suggestion and Najserak making the decision what occurred appears to be a conspiracy to subvert due process so that Southall could be given what Southall wanted -  FREE.FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST I have been trying to get straight answers about what occurred for weeks.  I am still trying. A Freedom of information Request is needed to secure the minutes of meetings and internal memoranda. I believe someone has already made one.  If that person is reading this, would they please let us know the result - if there was one.Meanwhile: LETTER SENT TO BELL “Dear Julian Bell, Why did the Cabinet deal with renaming Havelock Road rather than leaving it to a resident to make an application?   There was no reason a resident could not do so and it is the routine way for such applications to happen?  Your sincerely, Andrew Farmer”

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