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Julian Bell Honesty Test.  Update. I asked Bell a simple question over a month ago.  It concerned the circumstances in which Mr Najsarek gained employment with Ealing Council?  It was: “Did you already know anything of what appeared in the press on June 30 2016 in respect of Mr Najsarek’s behaviour in Bolton when you appointed him?”  Bell must have known the answer.  All he needed to say was yes or no.   A dilemma.  If he said “yes”, he would reveal that he had been dishonest with the people of Ealing when he praised Najserak’s wonderful record of public service.  If you said “no”, he would confirm that Mr Najserak had successfully deceived his way into Ealing Council.A test of integrity for a public servant!   Not Bell.   He ignored the email.  He was guilty of a LIE BY OMISSION. As an avowed Christian, Bell, I am sure, would have been familiar with the Epistle of St James, the origin of this concept. It was his obligation as a public servant to make himself accountable.  He failed. It is was his obligation as a public servant to be honest.   It is my opinion and allegation (which I believe is supported by the simple evidence of this case) that he is a public liar and, as such, unfit for public office. I have told him to understand that every working day from now on I am asking the same question.  HOW OFTEN WILL JULIAN BELL LIE TO ANDREW FARMER?  FIVE DAYS SO FAR – AND COUNTING.

Andrew Farmer ● 277d94 Comments ● 4d

Gunnersbury Park Bowls Club and the Sports Hub

We are delighted to see that the Sports Hub is now open. The Bowls Club wishes every success for this enterprise.For the Bowls Club, the photograph in the article is particularly poignant in that it features the bowls pavilion and bowls green. The statements from officers of LB Hounslow and LB Ealing talk of delivering "important community, sports and leisure facilities for residents in the local area" and a vision for Gunnersbury Park "where local people can enjoy sport, beautiful green spaces and a rich local history long into the future.."Meanwhile, bowling in Gunnersbury Park is facing extinction after a history of 90 years. The Community Interest Company is bent on ensuring this fate through a policy of intentional neglect.Members and supporters of the Bowls Club have repeatedly been refused access to the site to carry out extremely urgent maintenance to the green. We learned yesterday that an expert and fully accredited third party has also been refused access by the CIC. This party had very kindly offered to carry out maintenance on behalf of the Bowls Club.The planning application from Putt in the Park has yet to be determined by Hounslow Planning Committee. We believe that by the time this decision is made, whether it is to refuse or to permit, the bowls green will be beyond repair.You may, as does the Bowls Club, wonder how it has been possible to arrive at this situation in what is, after all, a public park which was conceived to be for the benefit of the entire community.

Jim Storrar ● 6d3 Comments ● 5d