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Lammas Park Archeological Dig/Rare Earth mineral deposits

Local flooding? Beaver reserve? Digger exibition? Football Training ground? War memorial? Heliport? Greyhound track? Olympic stadium and cycling facility? Borough composting facility? Election winner? More tower blocks? Jogger training? Food delivery moped training and medical facility? Borough Bomb Shelter..residents need not apply website down.(Min of defence best kept secret?)Councillor and officer jogging track? Space station? London Zoo Annex? Refugee Holding Centre (near Heathrow on way to Rwanda)? Park-Home park? BEAVER RESERVE is best bet 7-1 favourite.Why are there railings and diggers in Lammas park? Only silent councillors need reply. Vote for me to represent you but keep silent on this matter! Manifesto? What? Thames Customer Services? What? Anyone what ? Feels like dictatorship, communist block decision making."Ve vill has eet here Comrades!"The government is broke. The council is broke. Thames Water is broke.I burst into tears because I know who is paying for this and who will pay for this. Anyone know anyone of the 350 thousand households flooded in South Ealing last year? When will the docks be built at Acton Town and Boston Manor to ferry Tube passengers to Heathrow? Global warming?Lock me up I am going crazy. Sorry, " Again Ve vil do eet Comrades!", they have just closed the last two remaining psychiatric wards at Ealing Hospital. Is it just post-Covid Blues?Can anyone help? Private Eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

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