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FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS.For some people it is not bearable to think about, or to plan for their own funeral or for that of their spouse. However in these uncertain times I believe it is a responsible thing to do to take some of the pressure and grief off family members by not leaving things to late. Myself and my wife have taken steps to leave very little for our family members to worry about regarding these arrangementsWe have taken steps to arrange Pure Cremation funerals which was catapulted into the news a few years ago by singer David Bowie. For instance, if I die first, my wife will contact a funeral director in Hampshire. They will take care of all the arrangements needed. I would be collected from my home or from anywhere else and taken to Hampshire to to the funeral director's own private crematorium for disposal. No flowers, no family present and no funeral service. Arrangements have already been made for a memorial service shortly after my death.The benefits of doing things this way is that the cost to my wife and family is minimal. If I die at home the cost of the complete funeral arrangement is £1195.00 or £1.445 if I die in hospital or nursing home. The average cost of a cremation funeral in the UK is £3,986, sometimes thousands more.Being a very competitive business I am sure that some funeral directors would charge less than £1195.00.Nobody wants to die, but time and unforeseen events befall us all. In the mean time wash your hands and socially distance.

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More ANPR cameras to be installed LTN 30 is a problem

Thank you Ealingtoday for reporting this. I am not a road traffic professional but I worked in the safety industry and carried a Home Office warrant for some time and took courses at university in the psychology of perception. I've held a clean licence for 55years.I would strongly recommend the council review this ANPR camera at least before rushing to put in more. 1)There are 4 routes to the barrier in Culmington Road yet only one speed camera warning sign. That one is positioned after the camera at the barrier. In normal life warnings are given BEFORE the danger i.e. before the camera that allows the message to sink-in and appropriate action be taken.  The camera sign is often linked to speed cameras and many motorists probably check their speedometer when they see one; a dangerous detraction. 2)There are warning signs "No access to Culmington Road ahead except cycles". For strangers that means nothing. One sign is even sited IN Culmington Road. Strangers won't know what it means and even the Council have made 3 road name mistakes in public notices. These are "unique signs" and have to be interpreted by the motorist. Standard signs showing road closed ahead would have been cheaper and carried more information at a glance. Motorists absorb standard signs without thinking; subliminally. There should have been standard signs on each of the 4 limbs approaching this junction. To be continued

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Julian Bell Honesty Test.  Update. I asked Bell a simple question over a month ago.  It concerned the circumstances in which Mr Najsarek gained employment with Ealing Council?  It was: “Did you already know anything of what appeared in the press on June 30 2016 in respect of Mr Najsarek’s behaviour in Bolton when you appointed him?”  Bell must have known the answer.  All he needed to say was yes or no.   A dilemma.  If he said “yes”, he would reveal that he had been dishonest with the people of Ealing when he praised Najserak’s wonderful record of public service.  If you said “no”, he would confirm that Mr Najserak had successfully deceived his way into Ealing Council.A test of integrity for a public servant!   Not Bell.   He ignored the email.  He was guilty of a LIE BY OMISSION. As an avowed Christian, Bell, I am sure, would have been familiar with the Epistle of St James, the origin of this concept. It was his obligation as a public servant to make himself accountable.  He failed. It is was his obligation as a public servant to be honest.   It is my opinion and allegation (which I believe is supported by the simple evidence of this case) that he is a public liar and, as such, unfit for public office. I have told him to understand that every working day from now on I am asking the same question.  HOW OFTEN WILL JULIAN BELL LIE TO ANDREW FARMER?  FIVE DAYS SO FAR – AND COUNTING.

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Gas and electric suppliers.

ENERGY SUPPLIERS.Because I haven't got a head for figures I have stuck with SSE Swalek for 47 years. But owing to Look After My Bills without my permission signing me up to Utility Point in October 2021, I have had the opportunity to try and figure out which energy provider gives the best deal. I have learned that using switching companies provides the worst deals and leave behind a trail of stress. For instance Look  After My Bills and Utility Point for 4 months have both blamed each other and both have launched an investigation into the mess they have dropped me in. And the situation has not been resolved with 2 BBC consumer programmes investigating hundreds if not thousands of complaints against these 2 companies.My energy provider for 47 years, SSE had suggested that I start off with them as a new customer and on 12-1-21 a contract was agreed with a customer service agent emailing me the following details."Good day Mr Milkins,This is to confirm the effective start date with Swalec-SSE is the 29 January 2021 to take over the gas and electricity supply.This means that you will only be charged from the date mentioned above going forward. All other charges will be applied by your current supplier until the date your supply starts with Swalec-SSE.Thank you.Regards,Yolanda."Hooray. Then I get the following  email from Jolene from SSE on 20-1-20."I understand that you have been sent an email regarding the dates the supply has come back to us and you were advised that you would not have a bill until SSE started [29-1-21], feedback is being provided to that adviser so this incorrect information is not given in the future, for this I can offer a goodwill payment of £30.00 for incorrect information given. SSE can keep their £30 !!!!!!!!!!I have now learned how easy it is to find the cheapest deal for gas and electric. Find a company offering a 2 year fixed tariff which I have done. To date, the best deal offers a 2 year fixed tariff.                                 For gas, the daily standing charge is 27 pence per day. The charge for gas is 2.952 pence per kw hour.For electric, the standing charge is 24.02 pence per day. The charge for electric is 17.42 per kw hour.These prices are considerably cheaper than my former supplier. If anyone can direct me to a better deal, please let me know as haven't signed up to EDF yet.

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Government says public should have right to ask councils to release land for redevelopment.

The government has published for consultation proposals that would enable the public to challenge councils and other public bodies to release underused land for redevelopment.The ‘right to regenerate’ proposals mean that underused public land could be sold to individuals or communities by default – unless there is a “compelling reason” for the owner to keep itPublic bodies would need to demonstrate clear plans for the land in the near future – even if it is a temporary use before later development. If it were kept for long without being used, it would have to be sold.The rights would also apply to unused publicly owned social housing and garages. The government notes that the latest figures show there were more than 25,000 vacant council-owned homes and recent Freedom of Information data shows there were more 100,000 empty council-owned garages last year.The government says it wishes to provide local communities with an opportunity to “transform eyesores” into something they want in their area. It builds on government work to encourage development on brownfield land.Jenrick said: “Right to regenerate is the simple way to turn public land into public good, with land sold by default unless there is a very compelling reason not to do so.“We are cutting through red tape so that communities can make better use of available land and derelict buildings, which means more new homes, businesses and community assets.“Millions of people will now be able to buy that empty property, unused garage or parcel of land and turn it into something good for them and their community.”Tom Chance, chief executive of the National Community Land Trust Network, welcomed the idea.“There are hundreds of community land trusts across the country wanting to build much-needed affordable housing, but getting hold of land at an affordable price is a huge barrier.“The potential for communities to be given first right of refusal could be a game changer. We encourage everyone to read through the proposals and respond to the consultation.”Ian Harvey, executive director of Civic Voice, added: “Across the country, communities see land that remains empty and wonder why. They imagine how it could be used for communities – from green space, to housing – but when they enquire about enhancing the space it’s never clear who owns it.“If a community has a viable use for this land, they must be given the opportunity to take these ideas forward.“The ‘right to regenerate’ is a great step forward to build on previous attempts at doing this and we believe it will increase the chance for communities to come together to bring vacant land into the heart of the community. We look forward to working with communities on this latest community right.”The consultation, which closes on 13 March, can be found here on the UK Government website.18 January 2021Laura Edgar, The Planner

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Ealing's reliance on parking fine income betrays Labour party principles

Probably not a surprise that Ealing is one of the highest issuer of parking fines in the country according to a report on currently on this site. Judging by a ticket place on a car parked near my home, enforcement continues unabated despite the supposed lockdown.It is no longer worth pretending these fines don't act as a local tax with the revenue being used to cover the shortfall in Council Tax and government grant funding.PCNs are not adjusted for income so you get the same for parking in the wrong place at the wrong time if you have a Fiat Uno or a Ferrari. It will be argued that as the very poorest in society don't tend to own cars then as a tax this is a reasonably point. However, people who need to use cars for their work will tend to be on below or around average income with a large proportion of fines going to those in the building trade, carers, minicab or delivery drivers.Better off drivers probably make up the bulk of people who successfully appear these fines.Some will say that it is a voluntary tax and if you can't afford to pay it obey the rules. Our family have received two parking fines over the last decade in Ealing - in both cases we had thought we had parked correctly in areas we were familiar with but the signs were misleading. Appeals were dismissed out of hand and no attempt was made to improve the signage. Very few people parking in Ealing will do so on the basis they hope to get away with it because by now most are aware how intensive enforcement is so most fines are issued to people who have made a genuine mistake.This effectively means that the parking fines operate as a highly regressive tax something that is directly opposed to the founding principles of the Labour party. Yet it seems to be Labour authorities, like Ealing that use this most as a method of raising finance. I appreciate that this is a challenging time for council finances but the over dependence of this borough on this form of income is not healthy or fair on residents.

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