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LTN’s - 20min Neighbourhoods — What I Learnt Last Night

Went to Ealing Councils “Community Workshop for Ealings 20 Minute Framework for Ealing Broadway & South Ealing” last nightDidn’t know about it did you? I’m not surprised as we only heard last minute via an obscure social media post; it was advertised as Sold Out via Eventbrite but this was wrong and there was plenty of capacity. In fact it was very sparsely attended!!!The buzzwords were “Primary Active Travel Route”; “Greener Active Travel Link”; “ Climate Change and Ecological Emergency Plan” and wonderful ideas such as Focus Zones, Placemaking etcCut to the chase: this is the return of LTN’s only on steroids now.Plans under consideration (ie coming your way in a year or two) are to make South Ealing Road a Primary Active Travel Route. Questioned what this actually is the spin answer was where walking and cycling encouraged but, despite constant requests, the details of what this looked like couldn’t be shared. When I stated this can only be at the expense of car travel and “another as Chiswick High Road disaster” the very nice young lady could only go crimson and I got no response really.Exactly the same when talking about the Uxbridge Road junction around The North StarAll of these plans are formulated via the online responses numbering 1,100 which is a 1.25% sample of the effected population in these areasWhen asked where the people rolling these ideas out lived they were rather sheepish in confirming they didn’t live in these areas, some actually not even Ealing rather the well known cycling stazi of Islington!! The regeneration aspect for these areas is of course laudable and welcome.However clearly this will be at the expense of heritage and your freedom of movement by means you may choose freely The final classic snippets were nobody from Planning in attendance or involved, no consideration apparently in respect of high density high rise blocks with this just being about infrastructure. So totally disjointed which to the average Joe must appear mad as don’t you plan your infrastructure around the expected built environment as a whole???In short — there’s a nightmare heading our way

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Learn Ealing funded Startup School for Seniors starts on 18th April

Attention all Ealing residents aged 50+! Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business but needed to know where to start? Startup School for Seniors is here to help you turn that dream into a reality!Startup School for Seniors is an online course designed to support those aged 50+ seeking to become self-employed. The programme is delivered as a series of pre-recorded video modules along with 1:2:1 mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and business advisors, peer-to-peer online group sessions and workshops. All the videos are transcribed and captioned for anyone with accessibility issues. The programme is ideally suited to anyone considering self-employment or at the early stage of their business. The programme takes into account an older learners requirements for flexibility, which is often a result of caregiving responsibilities or their health and mobility issues.The training will help you to:Determine your ideal customer and where to find themUnderstand how to price your product or serviceKnow the legal requirements of running your businessCreate a one-page business planFeel more confident about the steps you need to take to start or grow your businessTake advantage of this chance to make your dream a reality! Register now at and take the first step towards a successful future as a business owner. #startup #entrepreneur #eLearning #businesscourse*The cost for those in full or part-time work is £160

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Are employment tribunals out of control?

Reading the preposterous story about the 'sexual harassment' case at the special school in Northolt, it struck me that the damage done by employment tribunals increasingly seems to outweigh any benefit they provide. Obviously people should be protected against abuse in the workplace and unfair dismissal but a retrospective claim by someone who deserved to be fired would surely be regarded in most other courts as vexatious and be dismissed. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the recent case in Hammersmith & Fulham in which a council officer on a six figure salary claimed PTSD from being involved in the Grenfell Relief efforts and was paid £4.5 million, more than any other person impacted by the fire, the award doesn't seem proportionate. The case which brought Birmingham City Council into bankruptcy was due to binmen (exclusively male) getting bonuses when cleaners (mainly female) didn't even though the bonuses were being paid due to difficulties in retaining and recruiting people a problem that didn't exist in other department. So these three cases have seen a dedicated public servant doing important work with vulnerable children humiliated, the real victims of Grenfell having yet more reason to feel a sense of injustice and the people of Birmingham having to pay significantly increased council tax along with huge cuts in services, which will inevitably affect the most vulnerable most. All this because a judge was able to reach decisions with no thought for the broader consequences. Surely this has to change?

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