More Details of West Ealing South LTN Revealed

Councillor says overwhelming majority of residents objecting to plan

Midhurst Road Traffic Scheme 'Will Split Area in Two'
One of the affected junctions on Midhurst Road. Picture: Google Streetview

The council have published a more detailed map of the West Ealing South Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme (LTN).

The scheme, which was earlier criticised by local councillor David Millican as splitting the area in two, is likely to be implemented some time next month at one week’s notice. The council has the funding approved from TfL for the scheme.

This shows that there will be 11 points at which traffic will be restricted in the area between Hanwell Cemetery/Dean Gardens and Blondin Park.

  • There will be a road closure outside Montague Avenue near Our Lady and St Joseph Church.
  • There will be restricted access at the junction of Oaklands Road and Grosvenor Road.
  • Access to Northfields Avenue will be blocked off by the Forester Pub.
  • There will be restrictions at the junction of Elthorne Park Road/Leighton Road and Coldershaw Road as well as at Coldershaw Road and Hessel Road.
  • Sydney Road will be block of near Leighton Road.
  • Access restriction will be put in place between Erlesmere Gardens and Salisbury Road.
  • Access restrictions will also apply between Woodstock Avenue and Mayfield Avenue and Mayfield Avenue and Northcroft Road.
  • Haslemere Avenue will be closed at the junction with Midhurst Road and access will be restricted at the junction with Clitheroe Avenue.

Wooden planters will be placed at the access restriction point with double yellow lines painted for 10-20metres each side reducing parking in the area. There would be two planters at each location with a lockable post in the middle for refuse and emergency vehicles to pass.

Latest map of West Ealing South LTN. Click here for larger version

Cllr Millican says, “Dozens and dozens of local residents, in the immediate vicinity of the proposed scheme, have contacted me. The overwhelming majority have told me they object, while only a small handful have been supportive. Residents along Leighton Road have been more supportive, though with reservations.

“Almost everyone has said that they are particularly concerned about the lack of consultation ahead of the introduction.

“We were consulted with the recent introduction of the CPZ and I feel that this scheme should be consulted in the same way. As a result of the CPZ consultation, changes were made which reflected the views of local residents; for example, the CPZ was originally proposed to have separate zones on either side of Midhurst Road, thus dividing the community. At the request of residents the zone was changed such that the zone extends across Midhurst Road. Due to the lack of consultation for this proposal there is no opportunity to adapt this scheme with input from those residents who will be directly impacted.”

An on-line petition has been set up calling for greater consultation on LTNs across the Borough.

The council say that the schemes like this one will reduce rat-running in residential areas of the borough and encourage more walking and cycling.

If you want to make a comment on the scheme the council officers responsible can be reached on and the senior councillor responsible is Cllr Mik Sabiers

July 30, 2020