Introducing Weezy

Happiness delivered, from our local store to your front door

Introducing Weezy, the UK's first on demand grocer that allows you to get ‘what you want, when you need it'. Weezy focuses on quality not compromise, from the quality of the products we stock to the staff we hire. Weezy pride themselves on a stellar service that leaves our customers feeling that little bit better off. Service, delivered with a smile.

Weezy, which launched in July 2020 have hit the market by storm with presence across London, Manchester, Bristol and Brighton but are excited to be launching to more of West London this Bank Holiday weekend, going live from 8am on Saturday 1st May. Chiswick, South Acton, Brentford, West Ealing, Spring Grove and Kew, they've now got you covered. To celebrate Weezy's launch, they are offering you 50% off your first order (max value of £25) with the code  HEYWEEZY,  valid until the 30th May. 

By working with local suppliers, Weezy is able to provide you with quality fruit and veg, meat and dairy, baked goods, household essentials but also branded products when you need them. Weezy's app is simple to use, simply browse all the products, pick what you want and wait (not for very long!) for your delivery to arrive. Weezy is all about convenience and with its recent partnership with what3words, you really can get your delivery wherever you happen to be. 

Weezy are always charming and engaging, personal and polite in their manner and tone both in person and online. This means that wherever people experience Weezy, they experience the best Weezy.

Check on our app or website to see if we deliver to your zone.

Weezy is the UK's first on-demand supermarket. Get your groceries delivered in as quick as 15 minutes. 

How it works:

You fill your virtual basket with curated groceries, essential items or a fine drink using the Weezy apps or webshop. Your order is carefully picked and packed at your local fulfilment centre and is delivered straight to your door by a Delivery Weezard on an electric moped or push bike in as quick as 15 minutes.

That's right, 15 minutes.


April 28, 2021

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Introductory Offer:
Get 50% off (up to £25) your first order using the CODE