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After months and many attempts to get answers, it seems there is no full and thorough risk assessment publicly available which provides full proper and verifiable detail.It's not acceptable for Error 404 or server down for maintenance or no response to emails and the constant withholding of names and contacts for months and months.It smacks of total arrogance towards the local people of Ealing who pay taxes and council taxes for this kind of incompetence and wilful contempt.Who thought in a good idea to create, in a public park where children for generations played safely and can be seen by parents and guardians,  muddy water lagoons where there has not been any recorded flooding issues.Moving thousands of tonnes of earth which will affect the local water table and potentially destabilise the ground can affect up to 400m away.Has there been an integral effect assessment for the immediate streets permitting the park?Have any residents actually been informed of the ramifications or preventative plans to avoid subsidence and ground water rising ?The smaller project in the park ( where there has long been a ground saturation issue) has resulted in stagnant water contaminated from animal waste. There are biting water borne insects and larvae as well as the appearance of Horse Flies. Get a bite from one of these and you will certainly know about it for weeks.How will animal urine and faeces ( from the great many dogs that have a run in the park but mores from Foxes, Rats and vermin be contained and not become a health risk to both Humans and domestic dogs etc?How will midges, mosquitos, ticks and biting insects associated with still water be mitigated and not be a health risk particularly to urban populous who do not have the same degree of resistance to those in more rural domains.?Where exactly is the flood risk the necessitates this ?Where is the health risk assessment not the PR / Disney version?Why is there no mention of the air raid shelters and WW1 tunnels and the risk of unearthing contaminated land from those periods or the results not been published anywhere?What is in place to maintain and ensure 100% public safety given that for the past 40 years, barely a tree has been maintained and most parks demonstrate neglect and are a banal shadow of what they once were?Tree care maintenance in Lammas Park is almost non existent and is only evident post mishap. Even the most simple maintenance is left until it is too late resulting in trees becoming unstable.The risks outweigh the gains and yet another loss to those who want to simply have a bit of space to roam without risk.The dangers of naive and misleading purveyors of virtue signalling and evidenced by the complete PR handles avoidance of any actual, clear and verifiable facts.What is wrong with being honest, straight and communicating fully and clearly?

Raymond Havelock ● 35d