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Well, you can make all the claims you like but Khan simply cannot recruit enough police officers, despite his pledges. You also ignore the extra funding he got just for that purpose, most of which he had to return unused. This is also the guy who enthusiastically extended the tenure of Cressida Dick as Met Commissioner and then unceremoniously dumped her a few months later. She wasn’t up to the job from day one, yet Khan didn’t see that.He was on the radio earlier spouting more untruths about knife crime, following the latest tragic stabbing. He said knife crime has been reduced, yet it’s up one fifth in the past year. Even the leftie bible admits this: was a disaster as Mayor and Khan is no improvement.He’s bumped up his precept to cover the massive extra costs incurred by TfL, including the big pay offers he made shortly before the election. He moaned about having no money for years but that magic tree showered himwith lolly at just the right time. Seems he enjoys a bit of Boris cake eating and keeping too.I wasn’t ‘impressed’ by local Labour. They are only seen out and about at election times, the rest of the time is spent discussing policies with their preferred pressure groups.Considering the poll leads Labour has nationally, khan massively underperformed last week. All the post election analysis has said that, but he benefits from a high level of Tory antipathy among voters. Most campaigning was negative, making personal attacks on Susan Hall at every opportunity, rather than highlighting his own very modest achievements.

Simon Hayes ● 43d

Not sure whether to be impressed or amused by the claims that a Mayor winning a third term by his highest ever margin is somehow deeply unpopular with Londoners.The energy put into trying to make knife crime a key issue in this election appears to have been entirely wasted. Sadiq Khan has increased the proportion of the GLA budget spent on crime and policing to its highest ever level to compensate for reduced central government funding for the Met. Nobody believes knife crime is a good thing but any rational person sees that it is a complex issue and, if they are willing to research the facts, they will see that the Mayor has been working very hard to do what he can to reduce it. The fact that he has failed is not good but every other part of the UK has seen rising knife crime in the same period.As for the 'tribal' nature of London voting, we all know what you are saying here so no need to be too coy. If you look at the actual data, it is indeed true that in 2012 the majority of white Londoners did not vote for Ken Livingstone. This has changed since Sadiq Khan became Mayor and he outpolled Zac Goldsmith among white Londoners according to You Gov and the trend increased when he was up against Shaun Bailey. We don't have analysis for the latest election but given the increase in his majority it can be assumed that the gap over the Tories has widened even further.If you add to this that the Greens and Lib Dems support Sadiq Khan in the London Assembly and under the old system he would have received most of these votes as a second preference he has been given a massive endorsement by Londoners. You may believe that this is because people who live in this city are less intelligent than you but personally I find this line of thinking profoundly unconvincing.

Mark Evans ● 44d