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So Hounslow Planning reverse another of their own recommendations (along with that on parking in GP) and probably kill off the bowling amenity. If a councillor hadn't interfered (did someone tell him to?) and 'called in' (unusual, particularly for a comparatively small matter) the original recommendation to refuse Putt in the Park's application, bowling would have continued and the CIC would have found an alternative spot in this huge park for the crazy golf.Instead, after massive delay and despite the enormous support of the community (including a 620-name petition)to keep bowling in the park, Hounslow Planning now recommend approval of the application and have thought up some form of weasel words to try to justify their U-turn. So what happened to contravening Policy CLI of the Hounslow Local Plan - loss of D2 community facility and the council's Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy? What went on in the background, away from our eyes: bullying, coercion, threats?We should not be surprised. We have become used to being governed by incompetent liars, who indulge in brazen and shameless corruption and cronyism (Putt in the Park got the gig through mates in the councils, it did not go out to tender as is required) and we just shrug our shoulders as if to say 'What do you expect?' It is not surprising if the national filters down to the local. We are dictated to by councils deaf to their residents and an arrogant and autocratic CIC which has nothing but disdain and contempt for the community whose interests it's supposed to represent and who will not tolerate any challenge to its will.And we have no one to appeal to, no one on our side because no one has the backbone and the integrity to call out these outrageous abuses of power.

bela cunha ● 121d