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Are Ealing, Hounslow and TfL conspiring?

Most LTN streets and former streets as well as distributor and main roads have been installed with basic road monitoring cables. installed by A-T-R Ltd of York St W1.However the nature or indeed the instigator of this survey seems to be rather clouded and so far to glean any information requires a Freedom of Information enquiry.  Enquiries to both LBH and LBE have so far resulted in no response whatsoever.All the installations in both Ealing and Brentford were at the same time.  But several streets in remaining LTNs that have had steep increases in local traffic levels just trying to get in and out of their neighbourhoods have been omitted.But it all points to TfL, who also do not wish to discuss " matters of internal confidential and commercial nature". Rather odd.However what kind of survey results will clickers get?South ealing Road still has road works causing disruption, currently additional resurfacing adding to that.Swyncome Avenue remains closed with no sign of the roadworks that would render it impassable in both directions.Windmill Roads 1 week closure now has signs saying 8 weeks at both locations.Several small streets like Trent Ave have had road closed signs with minuscule works which would never require closure. ROAD CLOSED signs all over South Ealing placed where there are no closure and incorrect as it's only from 8pm but causing all manner to traffic to deviate unnecessarily.Areas where road works are causing excessive and extensive delays and exacerbated by LTN blockades not having them temporarily removed to allow even local resident access.Yet the very reason for the removal of LTN 21 was for that very problem.It's either monumental incompetence by Highways executives or is it a deliberate bit of gerrymandering to create a false picture and maximise traffic problems?Either way with all this created disruption, it's simply not going to make any survey have and credibility or valid illustration.So have these authorities, smarting from the backlash now resorting to subversive tactics and collusion?

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