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It's the misuse that will do for these.  Dangerous to rider and anyone at large and plain stupid.The devices have to be used with extra care and with diligence.You cannot even look over your shoulder and check without deviating from a safe line.  Nor can you signal clearly.That can be done easily on a Bicycle if a proficient rider.When you see adults who clearly must know better, riding with no lights, masked up in dark wearing dark non reflective clothing, and carrying children then what can one say?It's not the device it's the idiots using them.Ultimately it's people and attitude that spoil things, and it blights this country.The precedent was set in the early days of mass public transport. Railways had to introduce very strict rules of carriage and a continuing all embracing and evolving focus on safety first.Yet still the biggest problem is human behaviour.The Motor Vehicle when it came to the masses (and liberated the working classes) was the same.The solution? Driving tests, and the Highway Code and clear rules, some advisory and some mandatory. Vehicle safety tests and all quite strict.Even then we still have bad and poor drivers but thankfully very few.They are though bound by law to be insured and tested and carry responsibility.Similarly it's constantly evolving and motor vehicle accidents in this country are among the lowest in the world per 1000. And that's with a road network which is inadequate like the railways and much other infrastructure.Now it has become politicised and with that the meddling of statistics so now you don't know if an RTA was just a bumper nudged or involved a third party, Cycling regulations are ignored completely. Proficiency testing is online  ( and a complete joke as you can pass without actually being able to physically ride a bicycle at all. Take it and see for yourselves.  And the answers are all online on a link!So now we have LBE installing cameras at small junctions , but cannot find the money to renew worn away road markings or slime obscured signs, or repair slippery surfaces or potholes, bumps and unusable pavements?They could if they want to but playing politics and using divide and rule for their political entertainment and egos is far more satisfying.

Raymond Havelock ● 121d

I would love to know just how many have been convicted in Ealing Hounslow and Hammersmith.The fact that this 'pilot' stresses that other than hiring all other use of E-Scooters remains illegal.Every day I see a woman riding at speed either on the wrong side of the road or on the pavement between New Road in Brentford and the Corner of the A4 and Ealing Road.  Another man daily rides at speed along South Ealing Road on and off the pavements and never stops at zebra crossing or lights. A third man rides with a small child along the middle of St Mary's Road from Grange School.I'm critical of my own fellow cyclists who do not ride with spacial awareness or follow basic road etiquette. But as long as the machine is safe and legal, a cycle is permitted for road use.Where is the enforcement? The warnings to users?Locally there are E-Scooters all over the place been ridden in dangerous ways.It is horrendous in Hammersmith and Chiswick.What about people hard of hearing? Those pedestrians with ear buds ?Pedestrians glued to phones? Those who are not able to jump out of the way in seconds? Irritating to some but should all the same be safe whilst on the footpath.Will LBE be accepting full liability for accidents on the pavement for not enforcing illegal use?Will the Hire operators be fully liable for the same on a pavement? Or will there be a thousand get out clauses exonerating them.Full details ought to be delivered to every home. Not in the hiding places so milked by online methods.It is legal for Cyclists to scoot a bike on the pavement. But hands must be on the brakes and the reason is it is safer to stop and remain in control of the bike.That assumes you are in control, observant and proceeding with caution.That is not very prominent on e-scooters which. like skiing, veer off as soon as you look to the left or the right or behind you.The illegal uses is much vaunted It's in the survey card which is only accessible online and with a number.As I cannot scan and post it on here I'll cut and paste the text for all to peruse.It seems only those with a cycling or riding membership or have received these.I have but am a member of a cycling club - not the LCC but has recently been enticed to affiliate.

Raymond Havelock ● 151d