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Urgent Rethink Needed onEaling's Neighbourhood Recycling Bins To Be Removed

Big story that will sort out the pseuds among the local councilors. I think it does not come out much more hyper local than this and our green councillors should be jumping up and down to protect their local ahre of the recycling bins in their wards. No action to save them should be seem to translate into no vote in ward elections.Rather than eradicating these bins due to perceived deficiencies in dumping perhpas a consultation period with an independent consultancy to see how the recycling could be got to work.The first of the problems is that of litter bins. Take the Maytrees Rest Garden in South Ealing opposite the tube station, the bins were ALL taken away with the rational (much supported, and endorsed by Philippa Bond) of providing mixed use single bin recycling units which she advocated for the litter instead. Sadly, the point she missed was that most of what the litter bins in the parked received would get you a fine as the recycling bins only deal with specific categories of recyclable waste. So while the cardboard of a Costa Cup is recyclable, the lid is not IN EALING as it is not the right sort of plastic. The same with other LDPE plastic like plastic bags, food wrappers, and even ice lolly sticks. This results in polluted recycling which costs extra to sort and where the lollipop stick is dumping and a fineable offence. Ealing does not recycle LDPE plastic, hard plastic like PVC, polystyrene, plastic bags, and anything black and made out of plastic because the sorting machines cannot identify black plastic objects and process them.The answer to me seems to be to put more bins out there in bigger groups, however, with greater focus , e.g. carpet, mattresses, metal, wood, glass, cardbard, LDPE, HDPE, hard plastic, paper, electricals, engine oil, cooking oil, clothes, shoes and the like. Have something that produces some practical results and also deploy litter bins in parks like the Maytrees Rest Garden - the litter has to go SOMEWHERE after all!

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