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It seems deliberate. It seems that the present Council, especially under it's recently departed leader Julian Bell, like to endear themselves to developers at the expense of the people that live in the borough. Examples of this are: - there is no money for planning notification letters, but there is money for an indemnity for Mastcraft, if they do not get permission to bastasdize Ealing Town Hall. To date, Ealing Council, seem to take it for granted that everybody in the borough is able and computer literate, therefore there is no need for Planning Notification Letters to be sent to people in properties affected by a development.In the summer of 2015, Julian Bell, when he was the Council Leader got rid of Planning Notification Letters. He told me, just after the 2015 General Election, he was getting rid of them because he did not have the money for this public service because of "Tory cuts". Yet he had, it seems all the time and money in the world to endear himself to developers. Examples of this include the proposed Percival House and Manor Road redevelopments that would not provide very much needed family housing, or publishing of the Ealing in London magazine. Being a virtual signalling officious feudal social engineer, it seems, is/was more important to him and his sycophants within the ruling cohort, than it is to serve the public that elected him. That means keeping the people and public informed. Yellow Notices on lamp posts in themselves are not enough. Planning Notification Letters should be reintroduced/brought back.Another reason why it seems deliberate is that no planning application can go to the Planning Committee, if it has less than fifty housing units. This move was approved by the Labour run council in early 2016. However, if a ward councillors raises concerns, than it could go to committee. But this could be over ruled by the Chair of the Planning Committee. After the local elections in 2018, the then Council Leader Julian Bell appointed Cllr. Shital Manro as chair of that committee. This is like Adolf Hitler appointing Martin Bormann as his deputy in 1941, when Rudolf Hess, his then deputy, flew off to Scotland, on a "peace mission". Martin Bormann was chosen by Hitler because he would execute the Fuhrer's will without him being too involved. The same thing applied to Julian Bell appointing Shital Manro as Chair of the Planning Committee. Things have changed recently, Peter Mason, Julian Bell's one time protege, it seemed, has become the new Council Leader. Peter Mason has appointed Shital Manro into the Ealing Cabinet, as member for good growth. Hopefully, this does not mean that he is member for penis enlargement, meaning that more death trap tower blocks will be erected across the borough, as is already happened/happining around North Acton/Gipsy Corner or will be happening along Bollo Lane, as examples. I don't know who the new chair of the Planning Committee will be.It seems that Ealing Council's negligence in planning matters has been deliberate. To date, endearing themselves to developers has been more important than serving the people, which includes informing them of proposed developments and overseeing them if they get planning permission.

Anthony Hawran ● 150d