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Fires, late night drinking and the strong waft of waccy baccy in Lammas park last night. two groups in particular over 20 people.  No real noise or any trouble, but as a parent, not happy that the noise was that of quite young kids, not late teenagers.Thankfully ours are beyond that age now.Again a fair bit of detritus in the park today.  Just wish they would clear up.Cleaner yes but agree, most certainly not tidier.  The soot and detritus has gone, the pollution has receded. But littler and regular housekeeping cleaning and tidying had fallen away.  Things look neglected and unkempt, lumpy and bumpy pavements, the same with small roads,  regular maintenance is ousted in favour of brutal butchery on occasion, or simply removing to save on maintenance.It's great to see the Parks being used and what a lifeline for so many with no proper outside access. That should say everything to those advocating tower blocks and overdensification.  Would they live in them by choice?  With no additional parks and proper open spaces and affordable accessible amenities?I very much doubt Mr Bell and his ilk or the developers directors would.So quite sad to see so many using the parks, but not respecting them properly. So many riding and running over both planted areas and damaging grassed areas.  Spitting on paths and grassed areas, dumping coffee cups and bottle tops. Holes dug by dogs not filled back in, although dog owners are exemplary in clearing up mess.  And not pleasant to see so many children ripping up Daffodils with parents simply looking on smiling.I cannot understand why people cannot simply respect things and think a little.Then we would not need emphasis on enforcement and cameras and resources and effort wasted.

Raymond Havelock ● 194d