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My Heroes Seema Misra and Jo Hamilton

Readers may be able to help. The ladies above were caught-up in the Sub-postmasters scandal in which the accounting computer system and the management failed. This caused Seema to be imprisoned and Jo to have to choose by pleading guilty to false accounting in order to escape the more serious charge of theft. There had been redacting and shredding of data to hide the innocence of these ladies. Those who had done this should go to prison. Why were the police not immediately involved? The possible charge was theft after all and so the police could have taken individuals in the post office management for interfering with the evidence. The police are the gatekeepers of part of the legal system and appear reluctant to become involved in rip-offs by authority. Something similar happened in Ealing when some motorists were not electronically reminded that their CPZ resident parking permit was due for renewal. Some residents were reimbursed but how many were not? And now we have the council charging otherwise law abiding motorists for passing through very unusual LTN barriers. The LBE officers who I spoke to last week at the Culmington Road barrier said that all the signage was in order under the signage legislation (when it wasn't) and I said the message wasn't getting through evidenced by the enormous numbers of motorists being charged. The evidence told the story and one of the officers flounced off. End of meeting. This fraudulent abuse of power and entrapment must stop. The police have to act as it brings all authority into disrepute. Gatekeepers in the police heirarcy and there are many are rejecting this in that it has nothing to do with them. That's not right.

Arthur Breens ● 208d2 Comments