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He is clearly under a great deal of stress as are most political leaders at the moment. He seemed weary although his confidence that he would beat Shaun Bailey was evident.Having sat through the recordings of City Hall meetings his shortcomings are very clear. He is quite diffident and even shy and not a great public speaker. However, he never attends a meeting without reading the committee papers and has a very good grasp of the detail. He is generally courteous and fair to his opponents and willing to hear points of view which contradict his own.The contrast with Boris Johnson when he was Mayor could not be greater. He turned up to far fewer meetings and often had little notion of what was being discussed. He was clearly bored and only came to life when it was his turn to speak when he would deliver an eloquent and witty oration that often had little to do with what the committee was discussing.If there is one lesson that surely we must take from the pandemic with regard to politics it would be that it is a bad idea to elect politicians on the basis of Oxford Union polish and their ability to articulate views in a clever fashion. What we need is hard working politicians who don't think they are cleverer than the people advising them and don't think that having written an article on a subject makes them an expert on it.Sadiq Khan is slightly dull, is no great orator or anything close to being a genius but I think his popularity is due to a recognition that he cares more for the population of London than he does for himself and will work hard to improve things.

Mark Evans ● 206d