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More people were killed and maimed by Horse and Carts and by goods vehicles than now by a long margin.This is because we had led the world in Road safety from all aspects. Whether it be in control of a motorised vehicle, human powered machine or pedestrian.This spared the driving test, licences, insurance, the Highway Code, Kerb Drill, the MOT test, PSV and HGV tests and licences and Operators licences. All constant and where deficient updated.We have one of the lowest accident rates per 1000 in the world and far lower than before the motor vehicle came to being.Now it is all being undone.The LCC ( London County Council) required a Cycling Licence to ride on the roads at school age. This was still mandatory when the GLC/ ILEA ran London schools. Other county councils required similar. Local Boroughs including this one and Hounslow required proof of the RoSPA/ Met Police Cycling Proficiency Certificate to be allowed to cycle to school and that was for secondary schools only.Bikes had to meet legal public road use requirements. Lights,reflectors Mudguards and working brakes on front and rear. Tyres had to have a tread limit just like motor vehicles.It's very easy to gauge the difference. Compare the dreadful riding standards of Moped riders to fully tested and full licence holding Motor Cyclists.  Worlds apart. That's the consequence of proper training and full understanding of what the machine and it's operator is capable of and can be controlled.Road signage and markings are not just for motor vehicles they are there for all road users and pedestrians. Pavements are there for pedestrians, not vehicles of any sort, and that is also clearly defined.The exception is you can scoot a bicycle on a pavement. I have barely seen anyone who can do this now and yet it was a fail in the test if you cannot ride with one hand or scoot your machine.All that has gone out the window.  Road safety is being seriously compromised by an "I'll do as I please" culture with no acceptance of responsibility.Commit an offence in a motor vehicle and you can easily be caught and prosecuted.Commit the same offence on a Bike or a Moped or a scooter and you cannot.Yet the law is required to be enforced evenly.  It is now all about moneymaking using any handy fad as an excuse.  The focus in on created pseudo- offences which are easy to target which does not deal with those who do drive irresponsibly and dangerously and do need to be weeded out.

Raymond Havelock ● 210d