Local Residents Take Action Over Bunny Park Litter

Video prompts community effort to clean up Hanwell beauty spot

Close-up of litter. Picture: Mark Percy

A video exposing squalor in Hanwell's Bunny Park triggered an immediate response from litter-picking volunteers.

Nicola Gaughan stumbled across massive quantities of rubbish left by drinkers in woodland between the cricket pitch and the River Brent.

She used her phone to film piles of vodka bottles, lager cans, nitrous oxide canisters and barbecue litter. In her impassioned commentary she blasted the "disgusting animals" responsible for trashing the park.

Responding to the Facebook video, a squad of volunteers gathered at Boles Bridge for a spontaneous clear-up, armed with litter pickers and rubbish bags.

It took the ten-strong team little more than an hour to clear the detritus from two locations. Nicola said: "In total we picked up 14 sacks of rubbish, one child's bike and a football. Thanks to everyone who helped."

'Before and after' montage
'Before and after' montage. Picture: Mark Percy

Keith Freegard from Ealing litter action group, LAGER Can, said: "It was a good result for us. But it is really bad that one section of our local community have to give up their own free time to clean up after another sector of society who really don't give a toss about anybody else."

June 10, 2020