Ealing Author Spreads Conservation Message

Artist and writer Isabel Davis Glebocki releases new children's book

Isabel Davis Glebocki

A former teacher and artist from Ealing has released a new children's conservation book just in time for Christmas.

Froggit Froggins is written and illustrated by Isabel Davis Glebocki who studied at Sir John Cass Art School and has taught Early Years.

She says she wanted to help youngsters understand more about environmental issues and created Froggit in a bid to do so.

The book is aimed at 2 to 6 year olds and explores issues of plastic waste, recycling and conservation. Other themes explored are friendship, sharing and working together as a team.

The brightly illustrated 32-page story follows Froggit in search of his Dream Pond. On his journey he comes across discarded rubbish dangerous to animals and destroying the habitat. He meets Betty the Badger, Degsey a duckling, Gus the water vole and Florrie a dragonfly. The team work together and Froggit Froggins and friends finally make it to the Paradise Conservation Park and the pond of his dreams.

Isabel says, ''I feel privileged to be able to combine my passion for art, teaching and the environment by writing and illustrating books for children, particularly early years children. I want to help children grow educationally and emotionally and to enjoy the experience of reading and being read to. I try to address environmental issues and children's everyday experiences in growing up and communicating with each other, adults and the world around them.

"The story of Froggit Froggins shows us the innocence and vulnerability of animals. It addresses issues of conservation, recycling, reusing and reducing waste, and the need to protect our environment and the animals in it. It encourages children to think about how they can help, even though they are small and highlights the importance of friendship, sharing and teamwork. Children are shown that they are never too small to make a difference."

The book has already received an enthusiastic and positive response. Dave Bookless, conservationist, author and speaker commented, “Delightful, beautiful and simple, but also deeply challenging, Froggit Froggins helps  children and adults think about how best to care for our fellow creatures.”

For further information and details of how to order click here.

Annemarie Flanagan

November 24 2020