Ealing Croquet Club Returns to Lammas Park

New members sought for a game perfectly adapted to the new normal

Croquet returns to Lammas ParkCroquet returns to Lammas Park

Ealing Croquet Club is back after being out of action for three months during lockdown.

The distinctive ‘thwack’ of croquet mallets hitting balls has once again returned to Lammas Park, as their members can finally resume.

Although a little rusty, the players are delighted to be back on the lawns which have been kept in good order over recent months…unlike the boundary hedges that – as regular park users will have noticed – are in need of that post lockdown haircut !

The Club is observing strict guidelines on safety restrictions, drawn up by its governing body The Croquet Association – such as disinfecting all equipment before and after play, and limiting the use of the clubhouse – and is also awaiting further guidance on the resumption of team sports as preparations are made for the first matches and tournaments of the season, after so many cancellations.

There has been a surge of interest in croquet over recent months as preparations are made for a summer of socially distanced sport. Croquet is ideally suited to the ‘new normal’ – you get to spend time outdoors in pleasant surroundings, taking gentle exercise in a way that is sociable but still distanced, and any age group can give it a try.

Like so many organisations, Ealing Croquet Club has suffered a loss of income this year due to the recent closure, and is keen to attract new players. The Club is already running induction sessions for those interested in finding out more about this fascinating game, and they’re proving extremely popular. Everyone is welcome – all you need to bring is a pair of flat-soled shoes.

Simon Tuke, Ealing Croquet Club Chair said, ”Local people have warmly welcomed us back to our home ground, which is very heartening. Do get in touch if you’d like to give croquet a go in Lammas Park. Whether you’ve never picked up a mallet, or played once or twice in the garden in years gone by, I can guarantee you’ll get hooked very quickly!”

To get in touch with Ealing Croquet Club, email secretary@ealingcroquet.org.

July 15, 2020